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- Seung-hyun Park
82 - 53 - 8595400

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Since establishment in 1992, Jeonwoo Precision Co., Ltd. has specialized in press mould and processing works, focusing on customer satisfaction and commitment to industrial development. In 2006, the TS 6949 and SQ Mark certifications were achieved in press pocessing works and so its high technology and advantageous competition have been proven in the world's market.

Considering the Customer First principle to be one of the most important management goals, we are doing our best to not only provide customers with perfect quality, but also accomplish successful development along with customers.

In addition, we are aiming to become one of the leading global companies in the drawing processing industry. To accomplish the aim, we have continuously made a variety of efforts, such as establishing our own research center in 2006, making sustained investments in R&D, introducing a wide selection of new technologies and equipments, and developing and implementing complete quality assurance systems. In doing so, we are trying to provide customers with better services.



Kim Dong Jin, CEO


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Hood & T/G Latch Part

Tension Pulley

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